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Crazy Mini Beasts!

We made crazy mini beasts from different materials. We used card, pom poms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and different papers. It was great fun. If you made a crazy mini beast what would it look like?          

Fruit Kebabs.

We are planting seeds and growing fruit,vegetables and flowers. We made fruit kebabs using different fruits. As we cut the fruit up we looked carefully at the seeds. Which fruits are you growing this season? 


Making Sandwiches.

We made sandwiches as part of our lunch. We chose fillings from ham, cheese, egg mayonnaise, and honey. Then we added crunchy cucumber, lettuce and carrot. Our sandwiches were delicious. What fillings would you have chosen?


Chocolate Crispy Cakes.

Class 4 made chocolate crispy cakes. We observed the chocolate melting and talked about how the chocolate had changed when it was heated. We carefully followed instructions to make the cakes. Then we left them to cool. Can you guess what happened to the chocolate when it went cold? 



We made banana milkshake today. We mashed half a banana and added a glass of milk. We then whisked it until it was smooth. Add ice cream for a really creamy taste! What is your favourite fruit milkshake? 


Story Telling.

We went to Class 1 and used our dragon puppets to tell the children a story. Have you ever told written a story then told it to another child?


Making A Dragon Machine.

We are using 3D boxes to make a dragon machine like the one we have seen in our class book ‘The Dragon Machine’ by Helen Ward. We are painting the boxes and will fit them together to make our class dragon machine. How many 3D shapes can you name? 


Exploring Materials.

We are making a dragon from recycled materials. We explored the materials using our senses. Can you think of any adjectives to describe how the materials felt?



 shapes do you think we should use?

Making Peppermint Creams. 

We followed a recipe to make peppermint creams. We made them into a green ball and added berries so they looked like a pretty Christmas pudding. They were delicious. How would you decorate your peppermint creams? 


Peppermint Creams.

This is the recipe we used to make peppermint creams. They were delicious. Could you have a go at making them at home?