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Pea Soup.

We have planted pea seeds so we decided to make pea soup. We used onions, garlic, butter, peas and vegetable stock. It was delicious. Do you know any other recipes we can cook which use peas?     


Mini Beast Hunt.

We went to the woodland looking for mini beasts. We tallied our results. Can you guess what we found?      

Cheese Scones.

 We baked cheese scones. We had to follow instructions carefully. Which are you favourite scones?  

Tomato And Mozzarella Salad.

We followed instructions to make tomato and mozzarella salad. Can you guess which ingredients we used? 


Making Sandwiches.


We made egg mayonnaise sandwiches. Which are your favourite sandwiches?

Beautiful Butterflies!

Today we watched our butterflies fly away. Our caterpillars had grown into butterflies called ‘painted lady’ butterflies. Can you name any other butterflies? 


Delicious School Lunches.


We are enjoying our delicious school lunches cooked by our new chef Craig. What is your favourite meal so far?