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Battle Of The Somme.

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Today we held 1 minutes silence to remember those who fought in the Battle Of The Somme 100 years ago today. Mr Satoor told us about the battle. The battle began with the sound of whistles blowing. We heard whistles, … Continue reading


Noah’s Ark.

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Today we read the story about Noah and his ark. We talked about animals Noah took onto the ark. Then we painted animals ready for a display. We really enjoyed our learning. How many animals can you name that Noah … Continue reading

William Wilberforce.

We have been learning about the achievements of William Wilberforce, our English Hero. We are going to write a story about William Wilberforce and we painted some illustrations to match our story. What do you know about William Wilberforce?


Retelling Our Story.

We have planned a story about William Wilberforce. We used our plan and retold our story. We had to use expression and lots of adjectives when telling our story. Which is your favourite story you like to retell?



Painting In The Style Of Carl Fabritius.

 This term our class artist is Carl Fabritius. He painted a beautiful picture called ‘The Goldfinch’. Can you describe this picture?      


Natural Materials For Picture Making.

As we are learning about the Golden Hind. We found lots of natural materials at the farm and used them to make pictures of the Golden Hind. Can you leave some kind comments about our pictures?          

How Long Was The Golden Hind?

We found out how long and wide the Golden Hind was. We went outside and used metre sticks to help us measure. We joined hands to show the length of this famous ship. Do you know how long and wide the Golden Hind was?


Painting A Portrait.

We are learning about Francis Drake. We looked carefully at a picture of Francis Drake then painted a portrait of him. What do you know about Francis Drake?


Francis Drake!

We went to the woodland and found clues about Francis Drake. Do you know any information about Francis Drake?


Library Time.

We went to the library to enjoy reading a book. Which is your favourite book?