Homemade hot air balloon!

Our topic is currently flight, also we have been reading hot air in literacy, so today we got the opportunity to make our very own hot air balloon. As a group we put paper mache on a blow up balloon. Once its dry we are going to paint it, which we are very excited for. What colour do you think we should paint it?


Operation Christmas child!

Today we have been learning about operation Christmas child. We have been choosing different items we would put in our shoe boxes. We have been learning about the importance of donating and thinking about the people around the world who are not as fortunate and who do not receive the same opportunities as we do. What would you put in your shoe box?

Measuring Using Centimetres And Millimetres.

This week we have been learning to measure using centimetres and millimetres. We have enjoyed converting centimetres to millimetres and practising our measuring skills. We used our place value knowledge to convert centimetres to millimetres. How many millimetres are there in a centimetre? Metre?


Broad Bean And Pea Soup.

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As we are growing broad beans we cooked broad bean and pea soup. We added chopped thyme and mint along with potato, stock and celery. Can you tell us any other broad bean soup recipes which we could try?

Measuring Leaves.

We have been learning to measure using centimetres and millimetres. Today we went outdoors and measured different leaves. Which plant do you think had the longest leaves? Can you guess how many millimetres long the shortest leaf was?


Athletics Skills.

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In P.E  today the children have been learning to do athletic skills. First of all the children did warm up games to get their bodies nice and warm ready for  running. The children did a 3 minute race around the … Continue reading


Throwing Skills

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In P.E. the children have been learning about throwing ready for our inter class annual competition. How far can you throw ?