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Library Time.

We went to the library and shared Julia Donaldson’s story ‘The Gruffalo’s  Child’. We really enjoyed it and told Mr Satoor about our story. How many books by Julia Donaldson can you name?  


We reminded ourselves of our school values then made posters to say how we could lead the way. How can you LEAD? 


Making Music.


We used percussion instruments to add music to an ‘invention alliteration’ we created. Next week we will score our music. Do you play an instrument?


Papier Mâché Fun.

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Today we mixed glue and added it to our shredded newspaper. This made papier mâché. It felt very slimy! Then we started to cover a balloon with the papier mâché. Have you ever made anything with papier mâché?

Melon And Ham!


We cut a melon up and looked at the seeds. We then sliced the melon up and added some ham. It was delicious. What animal does ham come from?