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Broad Bean And Pea Soup.

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As we are growing broad beans we cooked broad bean and pea soup. We added chopped thyme and mint along with potato, stock and celery. Can you tell us any other broad bean soup recipes which we could try?

Fruit Kebabs.

We are planting seeds and growing fruit,vegetables and flowers. We made fruit kebabs using different fruits. As we cut the fruit up we looked carefully at the seeds. Which fruits are you growing this season? 



Pea Soup.

We have planted pea seeds so we decided to make pea soup. We used onions, garlic, butter, peas and vegetable stock. It was delicious. Do you know any other recipes we can cook which use peas?     


We made banana milkshake today. We mashed half a banana and added a glass of milk. We then whisked it until it was smooth. Add ice cream for a really creamy taste! What is your favourite fruit milkshake? 


Peppermint Creams.

This is the recipe we used to make peppermint creams. They were delicious. Could you have a go at making them at home? 


Mince Pies.

When we were at the farm we baked mince pies. These are a traditional Christmas food. We used flour, butter and water to make the pastry. Can you guess what ingredients are in mince meat? 


Tomato And Mozzarella Salad.

We followed instructions to make tomato and mozzarella salad. Can you guess which ingredients we used?