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Going On Stage.

We dressed up and went on stage to perform this year’s whole school play ‘A Faerie’s Tale’. We were really excited and enjoyed singing in front of an audience. What did you enjoy most of all?

Hot Seating.

We have been learning about our whole school play ‘A Faerie’s Tail’. We hot seated characters from Cinderella and asked the characters different questions. It was great fun. What questions would you ask Prince Lush ( Daft as a brush) ?   

Ready To Perform On Stage…




Today we dressed up in costumes and did a performance on stage ready for our parents later this week. We were really excited. Please come and watch us perform on Thursday. Can you guess which other characters are in our play?

The Enormous Turnip.


Have you read our stories about ‘The Enormous Turnip’ on our website?