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Pea Soup.

We have planted pea seeds so we decided to make pea soup. We used onions, garlic, butter, peas and vegetable stock. It was delicious. Do you know any other recipes we can cook which use peas?     

Fruit Salad.

We made fruit salad using different fruits. We collected the seeds to grow later this term. Which is your favourite fruit to put into a fruit salad? 


Question Time.

We asked Farmer Derek questions about his animals and his farm. Skybimi asked ” How do you make the animals pay?” And Joseph R wanted to know ” How do you check the animals don’t have tuberculosis?”. What question would you like to ask Farmer Derek?

Visit To Morrells Wood Farm.

We went to Morrells Wood Farm as part of our farming award. We went on a sound walk through mud, water and squishy grass. Can you guess what sort of sounds we heard? 


Autumn Leaves.

We looked at autumn leaves and painted them. What colour leaves have you seen this autumn? 


Carrot And Corriander Soup!


We made carrot and Corriander soup. It was delicious. Can you guess what vegetables we used?

Scone Recipe.

We baked scones because we are learning about foods which come from wheat. Use this recipe to bake scones at home. What else could you make using flour?