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Painting A Character.

We twisted a story about ‘George And The Dragon’ by Chris Wormell. We invented a new character and painted it! Later on this week we will add the character to our own story. What animal do you think George is in Chris Wormell’s story ‘ George And The Dragon’? 



We made collages of dragons to illustrate our dragon story which we are writing. We will put our pictures and stories on display. Do you know what a collage is? 


Plants Are Invading Us!

 We wrote an imaginative story about plants invading our school during a plant sale. Then we illustrated it using paints. What would happen in your story?     

Illustrating Stories!


We used Sketchbook Pro to illustrate our eBook stories. Who is your favourite illustrator.


We are creating illustrations for our class story book about the first hot air balloon which took off in France 200 years ago. There were three animals in the hot air balloon basket. Can you guess what they were?