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Learning To Measure.

We flew our paper gliders and measured the distance they flew. What can you measure?



Learning To Write Instructions.

We are learning to write instructions showing how to make a paper glider. We practised giving instructions for our friends to follow. We had to begin with an imperative verb. How many imperative verbs can you list?


Flapjack Fun.

We are learning to make flapjacks for snack time. They help us with our learning because they give us energy to concentrate. Class 4 would like to have tastier flapjacks so we are trialling different recipes. How who you like … Continue reading

How Far Can your Paper Glider Fly?

We designed and made a paper glider. Then we measured the distance it flew. Can you design a paper glider that will fly further than 6 metres?



Making Paper Gliders.

Class 4 are learning about ‘flight’ this term. We used the internet to find the best way to make a paper glider. How do you make a paper glider?