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Chair Champs.

We have been holding trials ready for our whole school chair champs competition. We have had to answer 4 mental maths questions in the shortest possible time. How fast could you answer your mental maths questions?



Mathletics Of The Week!

We have won a certificate in Matheletics this week. How many points did you win?          

Mathletics Of The Week!

How many certificates have you earned in Mathletics this term? 



Tyler  was proud he won a Mathletics certificate this week. How many certificates have you won this year?


We were so excited that we had earned a Mathletics certificate that we didn’t want to go home until our photograph was taken for the blog! How many Mathletics points have you earned this week?  


How many points have you scored in Mathletics this week?

Well Done Skybimi!

Skybimi is very proud of herself. She has won a Mathletics certificate. How many certificates have you won this term?