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Natural Materials For Picture Making.

As we are learning about the Golden Hind. We found lots of natural materials at the farm and used them to make pictures of the Golden Hind. Can you leave some kind comments about our pictures?          


Signs Of Spring.

We walked through the woodland at Morrells Wood Farm looking for signs of spring. We found primroses, daisies, lavender and even a dandelion. We also saw some blossom and lots of tiny leaf buds. What signs of spring have you … Continue reading

Morrells Wood Farm.

We visited Morrells Wood Farm as part of our farming award. We looked at the animals. There were some very young calves. What type of animal is a calf?




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Today we visited Morrells Wood Farm and learned how to make butter from a butter churn. We tasted the butter by spreading on some scones we baked. Can you guess which ingredients we used to make butter?