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Measuring Leaves.

We have been learning to measure using centimetres and millimetres. Today we went outdoors and measured different leaves. Which plant do you think had the longest leaves? Can you guess how many millimetres long the shortest leaf was?


Living Or Non Living?

We are learning about living and non living things. We went outdoors to find examples then used our maths learning to sort our ideas into sets. What does a living thing have to be able to do?        


Our World.

We talked about our world, what we liked and what we would like to change. We looked around our school. We said we would like to see more birds and mini beasts in our school grounds so we decided we … Continue reading


Mini Beast Hunt.

We went to the woodland looking for mini beasts. We tallied our results. Can you guess what we found?      


Mini Beast Hunt.

We went to the woodland to hunt for mini beasts. What do you think we found?        


Signs Of Spring.

We went outdoors to tally signs of spring. How many do you think we saw?        

Looking At Artefacts.

We looked at World War Two artefacts. We were allowed to touch them and even try some very old war time clothes on!


Cosford Air Museum.

We visited Cosford Air Museum to learn about war time aeroplanes! We saw lots of aeroplanes. Can you name a war time aeroplane?


Battling It Out!

 We had a pretend battle using shields we made. It was great fun. Can you make a sword and shield?  

Symmetry Around Us.

we are learning about symmetry. We have found out that Anglo Saxon shields have a symmetrical design in the middle of them. When we have learned about symmetry we will design our own symmetrical pattern for the centre of our shields.