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Symmetrical Mini Beasts.

We are learning about symmetry and painted symmetrical mini beasts. We folded paper in half, painted on one half then folded the paper, to print the design, on the other half. Can you design a mini beast with more than … Continue reading

Painting A Portrait.

We are learning about Francis Drake. We looked carefully at a picture of Francis Drake then painted a portrait of him. What do you know about Francis Drake?


Plants Are Invading Us!

 We wrote an imaginative story about plants invading our school during a plant sale. Then we illustrated it using paints. What would happen in your story?     


Animation Backgrounds.

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We are learning to make an animation about a protected animal. Today we painted a background for our animation. Which protected animals can you name?


Painting In The Style Of William Morris.

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We painted pictures in the style of William Morris. We looked at one of his paintings then painted our own picture. What do you like best about them?

Hot Air Balloons.



Today we worked in teams painting hot air balloons. What colour would you paint your hot air balloon?


How Was The World Created?

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We talked about how we think the world was created. We used ICT, story boarding or painting to share ideas. How do you think the world was created?