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Staying Safe In The Sun!

We have been learning how to apply our sun cream so we can play safely in the sun. Mr Satoor showed us how to put sun cream on during assembly. Then we went back to class and practised. Do you know why the sun can be harmful to us?

Lining Up Safe And Happy.

This week we shared ideas about how our class can line up making sure we are all safe and happy. We all thought of different ideas then made a class list:

1. Do face the front.

2. Do leave space so you don’t trip up the person in front.

3: Do walk careful so you don’t trip over.

4. Do walk smartly.

Can you think of any more helpful ideas?



Safe And Happy.

This week we have talked about how we can stay safe and happy at playtime. We made posters to remind ourselves about different playground games we can play. What is your favourite playground game?        

E – Safety.

We have been reminding ourselves how we can stay safe and happy when using the Internet at home and at school.  We reminded ourselves of our school sayings which help us, like ‘if in doubt shout!’ How many other phrases can you recall?     

Playground Games.

We enjoyed playing team games which we can also play on the playground. What is your favourite game to play on the playground? 



Keeping Safe On The Internet.

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Today we learned how to keep safe and happy when using the internet. We shared our ideas and made posters. Keep a look out for them in KS1 corridor. What message would you put on a poster to remind friends … Continue reading