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Hot Seating.

We have been learning about our whole school play ‘A Faerie’s Tail’. We hot seated characters from Cinderella and asked the characters different questions. It was great fun. What questions would you ask Prince Lush ( Daft as a brush) ?   

Question Time.

We asked Farmer Derek questions about his animals and his farm. Skybimi asked ” How do you make the animals pay?” And Joseph R wanted to know ” How do you check the animals don’t have tuberculosis?”. What question would you like to ask Farmer Derek?

Autumn Leaves.

We went outdoors to look at autumn leaves. We talked about them. Can you think of any words we could use to describe the leaves?



Interesting Words.

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We went around school and used our senses to help us describe inventions around us. How many words can you think of to describe glass?

Holiday Fun!

We shared our holiday news. What did you do during the Christmas holiday?




Hot Seating!

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We hot seated characters from ‘The Three Little Pigs’ as part of our learning of play scripts and ‘ Has e Got His Bacon? ‘. What questions would you like to ask the three little pigs or the wolf?


Autumn Leaves.

We have been learning to describe autumn leaves. We used our senses to help us find new words. Can you think of any adjectives which describe an autumn leaf?