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Athletics Skills.

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In P.E  today the children have been learning to do athletic skills. First of all the children did warm up games to get their bodies nice and warm ready for  running. The children did a 3 minute race around the … Continue reading


We are learning how to play dodgeball as a team game. What dodgeball rules do you know?


Team Games.

 We played team games to help us get fit as well as learning to work together. What is you favourite team game?

Playground Games.

We played ‘Duck, Duck, Goose.’ It was great fun. Which is your favourite playground game?


Dodge Ball.

This term we are learning to play dodgeball. We are working with the sports coach. Can you play dodgeball?


Playground Games.

We learned how to play some more playground games. These help us learn to work with others and get fit! We played ‘ chicken Or Hero’. Can you guess what we had to do?


Foxes And Tails.

We played a new playground game. It helped us learn to work with others and get lots of exercise at playtime. Our game was called ‘Foxes And Tails’. Can you guess what we had to do?