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Throwing And Catching.

We are learning to throw and catch. We practised sending and retrieving a ball in a controlled manner. We had to really concentrate to make the ball travel in the correct direction.



We learned more football skills with our sports coach. Today we learned to pass the ball using the side of our foot. When we played football we concentrated upon spreading out so we could pass the ball without the opposition getting it!

How many players are in each football team?



Today we worked with the coach and learned more football skills. We practised dribbling and passing the ball to a friend. Then we had a game of football! Have you ever played football? 



We used iPads to make an animation of a dragon flying across the sky. We had to work in a team so we could help each other.What tips can you give us? 


Going On Stage.

We dressed up and went on stage to perform this year’s whole school play ‘A Faerie’s Tale’. We were really excited and enjoyed singing in front of an audience. What did you enjoy most of all?

Making Ten.

We worked in teams playing a game to make sets of ten. It was good fun! How many ways can you make 10?

Battle Sequences.

 We are learning about battles and have started to put together movements to make our own battle sequence. Have you got any ideas for us? 

Playground Games.

We enjoyed playing team games which we can also play on the playground. What is your favourite game to play on the playground? 




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We worked with a friend to make an animation about a protected animal. We had to work with a friend following a storyboard we designed earlier this week. We looked carefully at the onion skin to make sure we did … Continue reading

Decorating Our Inventions.

Today we decorated our inventions. We are writing a riddle about our invention. If you invented something very special what clues could you write to describe it?