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Measuring Leaves.

We have been learning to measure using centimetres and millimetres. Today we went outdoors and measured different leaves. Which plant do you think had the longest leaves? Can you guess how many millimetres long the shortest leaf was?


Athletics Skills.

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In P.E  today the children have been learning to do athletic skills. First of all the children did warm up games to get their bodies nice and warm ready for  running. The children did a 3 minute race around the … Continue reading


Battle Of The Somme.

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Today we held 1 minutes silence to remember those who fought in the Battle Of The Somme 100 years ago today. Mr Satoor told us about the battle. The battle began with the sound of whistles blowing. We heard whistles, … Continue reading


Sports Day Practice.

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We went outdoors to practise events for sports day. Which house do you think will win?

Staying Safe In The Sun!

We have been learning how to apply our sun cream so we can play safely in the sun. Mr Satoor showed us how to put sun cream on during assembly. Then we went back to class and practised. Do you know why the sun can be harmful to us?

Puppet Show!

We talked about making our own puppet shows. We made up a story and practised telling the story. Then we invited our friends to our puppet show. Have you ever been to a puppet show?


Noah’s Ark.

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Today we read the story about Noah and his ark. We talked about animals Noah took onto the ark. Then we painted animals ready for a display. We really enjoyed our learning. How many animals can you name that Noah … Continue reading