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Robot Dance!

As part of our topic about ‘Fantasy Land’ we are learning to move like robots. We learned that we had to move slowly and make our body parts very stiff. Can you move like a robot? 


Party Games.

We played Christmas party games like musical chairs and musical bumps. Which is your favourite party game?


Going On Stage.

We dressed up and went on stage to perform this year’s whole school play ‘A Faerie’s Tale’. We were really excited and enjoyed singing in front of an audience. What did you enjoy most of all?

Stallard Court

A group of year 2 leaders went to Stallard Court to work with residents. We made a calendar and sang to them. It was great fun and we really enjoyed our visit. What do you know about Stallard Court?


Reception Nativity.

We watched the Reception Children perform their nativity in front of KS1 and all their parents. It was a very good performance. Can you retell the traditional Christmas story in exactly 100 words? 


Practising Songs For Our Whole School Play.

This week we have been continuing to learn our Christmas songs for this year’s whole school Christmas play. We are very proud to be taking part in this. We even practised at Morrells Wood Farm sitting by the Christmas tree and log fire. Which is your favourite song from the play?

National Egg Week.

This week is national egg week so we have been learning about eggs. What do you know about animal eggs?