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Measuring Using Centimetres And Millimetres.

This week we have been learning to measure using centimetres and millimetres. We have enjoyed converting centimetres to millimetres and practising our measuring skills. We used our place value knowledge to convert centimetres to millimetres. How many millimetres are there in a centimetre? Metre?


Broad Bean And Pea Soup.

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As we are growing broad beans we cooked broad bean and pea soup. We added chopped thyme and mint along with potato, stock and celery. Can you tell us any other broad bean soup recipes which we could try?


Throwing Skills

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In P.E. the children have been learning about throwing ready for our inter class annual competition. How far can you throw ?

High Jump!

We joined together for our annual high jump competition. This year our school record, which has been held since 2011, was broken. Do you know who broke the record and how high they jumped?

Summer Term Project.

How are you getting on with your summer term project about ‘mini Beasts’? This is Harry’s project. Don’t forget that all projects need to be handed in next Monday.

Planting Seedlings.

During the past term we have grown lots of seeds. We are now planting the seedlings into pots ready for our plant sale which is to be held very soon. We are growing peas, beans, sunflowers along with other fruit and vegetables. What are you growing in your class?


Class 4 Broad Bean Diary.

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We have planted broad beans. As they grow we are recording our observations in a class diary. Can you guess how the broad bean seed has changed since we gave it light, warmth and water?


2D Shape Picures.

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We painted 2 D shape pictures of mini beasts. Can you name the 2d shapes we have used?

Growing Broad Beans.

We are growing broad bean seeds in class. We planted seeds in clear plastic cups and watered them. Over the past few weeks we have observed them carefully as they have grown. Can you guess how the seed has changed?

Growing Bean Seeds.

We are growing bean seeds. What will happen next?