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Dodge Ball.

This term we are learning to play dodgeball. We are working with the sports coach. Can you play dodgeball?



We learned more football skills with our sports coach. Today we learned to pass the ball using the side of our foot. When we played football we concentrated upon spreading out so we could pass the ball without the opposition getting it!

How many players are in each football team?


Football Skills.

Class 4 worked with our sports coach and learned more football skills. We had to dribble and control the ball. It was really challenging but we were determined to do our best. Can you dribble a ball without loosing it to the opposition? 



A coach is coming into school to continue our learning of football skills. We are really keen to improve our football skills because class 4 enjoy playing football at play times as well. Which part of the foot do we use when we dribble a ball?