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Making Sandwiches.

We made sandwiches as part of our lunch. We chose fillings from ham, cheese, egg mayonnaise, and honey. Then we added crunchy cucumber, lettuce and carrot. Our sandwiches were delicious. What fillings would you have chosen?



We made banana milkshake today. We mashed half a banana and added a glass of milk. We then whisked it until it was smooth. Add ice cream for a really creamy taste! What is your favourite fruit milkshake? 


Cheese Scones.

 We baked cheese scones. We had to follow instructions carefully. Which are you favourite scones?  

Tidying The Garden.

We are tidying our garden to get ready to plant. What vegetables are you planting this winter? 


Tomato And Mozzarella Salad.

We followed instructions to make tomato and mozzarella salad. Can you guess which ingredients we used? 


Making Sandwiches.


We made egg mayonnaise sandwiches. Which are your favourite sandwiches?

Delicious School Lunches.


We are enjoying our delicious school lunches cooked by our new chef Craig. What is your favourite meal so far?

Why Do We Have Flapjacks For Snack?

We worked with our friend. We thought about all the reasons we have flapjacks for snack. Look at how many reasons we thought of. Why do you think we have flapjacks for snack?