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Exploring Materials.

We are making a dragon from recycled materials. We explored the materials using our senses. Can you think of any adjectives to describe how the materials felt?



 shapes do you think we should use?

Making An Anglo Saxon Shield.

We designed and made an Anglo Saxon style shield. Then we made our own instructions. How would you make a shield? 


Making Swords!


We used clixi to design our own swords and shields. Next week we will plan to make a shield based on Anglo Saxon shields. What do you know about Anglo Saxon shields?

Our Mugs!

When we went on a visit to the China Museum, we designed and painted a picture for a mug. What picture would you like to paint on a mug?



Designing An Invention.

This gallery contains 4 photos.

We made our inventions using recycled materials. Which shaped boxes can you find around you?