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Team Games.

 We played team games to help us get fit as well as learning to work together. What is you favourite team game?


Safe And Happy.

This week we have talked about how we can stay safe and happy at playtime. We made posters to remind ourselves about different playground games we can play. What is your favourite playground game?        

Playground Games.

We played ‘Duck, Duck, Goose.’ It was great fun. Which is your favourite playground game?


Foxes And Tails.

We played a new playground game. It helped us learn to work with others and get lots of exercise at playtime. Our game was called ‘Foxes And Tails’. Can you guess what we had to do? 


Relay Games.

We practised some relay games which could also play at playtime. They were great fun. Can you think of some relay games to play at playtime?


Playground Games.

We enjoyed playing team games which we can also play on the playground. What is your favourite game to play on the playground? 




We practised skipping at playtime. Do you know a rhyme we could skip to?